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Unlock the next tier
in community cooperation

DAOs give direct power to the people. Join us in pioneering a future where magic internet communities unlock the power of human-centric coordination.

Secured by the Ethereum blockchain ❤️

2021 was quite the year for DAOs.

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DAOhaus - What is a DAO?

A DAO explainer built by a DAO for DAOs funded by a DAO. That's what DAOhaus is all about. The DAO 2 DAO economy and an actual social network for the Metaverse.

infographic trad
Traditional Organization

Power held by few at the top

Rigid, Competition, Inequality, Opaque

infographic dao

Power shared by all

Agile, Collaboration, Diversity, Transparent

How is it Used?

How communities use DAOhaus TODAY

Grants & Investments

The first major use of DAOs has been through community grants! Millions have been raised and distributed to early developers of this technology.


The DAOhaus project is a prime example of a project based DAO. Every community initiative can now become a funded reality.

Guilds & Services

Freelancers rejoice! Guilds have re-emerged as a powerful collective force. Some even have members who quit their day jobs to work for a DAO.


Get your friends together and put your money where your mouth is! Clubs are culture machines, and DAOhaus is flexible enough to keep the party going.

How communities will use DAOs TOMORROW




We ❤️ Communities

DAOhaus communities have raised over $50M collectively and distributed almost $20M throughout the ecosystem to support their various goals.

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How a DAO works

Just the basics.

Learn more in our help documentation.

Shared Treasury

Community funds are held by the DAO itself and distributed through Proposals.

app screenshot of treasury
Voting & Proposals

Proposals can be used for all types of decisions like distributing funds, allocating shares, and even interacting with other applications and communities.

app screenshot of proposals
Fluid Membership

Members are added and removed through proposals and may leave at any time. Shares allow for truly distributed ownership.

app screenshot of members

Interact with the entire Ethereum ecosystem of decentralized apps.

Swap tokens on Uniswap... spin up a Gnosis Safe... govern your own protocol... all as a community.

Collaborative composability ftw. If you’re building something useful for DAOs, hit us up in our

ethereum ecosystem of dapps

Our mission is to foster a diverse, open economy of transparent cooperation.

DAOhaus is built and run by the community using DAOs to coordinate.


Get support, provide feedback, ask anything about DAOs.


Get the alpha while it's still alpha. Stay up to date and learn what’s on the horizon.


Check the code, it's open-source of course. Add an issue, submit a PR.