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This HAUS doesn't build itself

It takes a community, and HausDAO is the community of contributors working together directly to design, build, and communicate the actual product.

HausParty every Thursday

HausParty is the weekly community call and podcast open to all. We usually start with some updates from the community, into some conversation with a guest from the space, and

Join us and get a POAP NFT for attending.

Weekly at 11am PST / 8pm CET in our Discord

How we work

HausDAO is the hub from which each working group requests their budget. Each ‘Department’ has its own DAO for optimal autonomy.

Magesmiths (Product)

Magesmiths are builders. Shipping code, designing user experience, and generally making sure stuff works and feels nice.

Rangers (Comms/Community)

Rangers are communicators. Distilling all our wild ideas into content suitable for human consumption. Also running that HausParty.


Defenders of the realm, ensuring operational needs are met. Working the budget, schedules, leading workshops. Generally making sure we all have what we need to create value.


Alchemists brew up the economic and governance design that ties DAOs together, both internally and to each other.

Get involved

The Haus is constantly getting bigger and is always under construction. We’re always looking for folks passionate about building for decentralized communities.

For now, find us in our Discord

Common areas of contribution:

  • Comms and Content
  • Community Building and Support
  • UX/UI Design
  • Frontend & Backend Dev
  • Smart Contracts
  • Token Engineering
  • Operations

Our mission is to foster a diverse, open economy of transparent cooperation.

DAOhaus is built and run by the community using DAOs to coordinate.


Get support, provide feedback, ask anything about DAOs.


Get the alpha while it's still alpha. Stay up to date and learn what’s on the horizon.


Check the code, it's open-source of course. Add an issue, submit a PR.