• Organize the app to make it easier to debug, maintain, and integrate new functionality
  • Create a common code paradigm used by all devs on the team.
  • Share the rules of this paradigm to make it easier for new devs to contribute lasting code.
  • Make code more consistent and readable
  • Make it easier to debug.

Overarching Ideals#

  • Less code. Perform the greatest amount of work with the least amount of expression.
  • Less state. Strive to eliminate excess state wherever possible.
  • DRY
  • Functional is generally preferred over Object Oriented.
  • No hard rules. Devs should be free to break any rule at any time. However, if they do wish to break a rule, they should outline their reasoning in a comment.
  • Any major changes or new patterns should be posted in #code-review on Discord
  • Clean as you go. Devs rarely refactor code months later, despite their best intentions. So it's best to deliver clean code from the outset.
  • Criticism and review should be frequent and good-spirited.
  • This is an ongoing process. We need to debate and discuss these rules in order to improve them.

Review Process#

  • TBD (meeting, Pull request)

Style guide#

Our linter is currently set to adhere to the AirBNB JS Style guide

New Devs#

  • To save yourself some time, read through the review guidelines thoroughly
  • Learn the structure of the app .
  • If you're tasked with interacting with a contract (TXs), learn the TX/polling/test cycle .
  • Brush up on React by scouring the docs. Familiarize yourself with some of the more advanced aspects of hooks, contexts, and lazy-loading.
  • If you're not comfortable with Async, take some time to browse some examples in the docs. Check out some tutorials.