What is a Code Lego?

Code legos are small packets of static data written in Javascript. Essentially, they are sets of instructions for the app to either render UI or call contract transactions.

Why Code Legos#

  • Speed up and simplify the flow of boost development.
  • Drastically reduce the amount of code the application needs to store.
  • Create building blocks that are composable with others.
  • Make the app more interopable with potential backend architecture (ex. DAOhaus Marketplace, DAOhaus API, Boost APIs).
  • Remove the need for community developers to alter the core application architecture.
  • Maintain consistent patterns and types across the app that can be easily tested and maintained.
  • Better tools for DAO devs so they can create better tools for DAO communities.

Where can this pattern be found:#

  • Proposal Forms
  • Form fields
  • Contract Interactions (TXs)

What's next:#

  • Proposal cards (detailed and simple view)
  • Treasury and Minion vault UI
  • Boosts

Questions or Suggestions?#

Head in to the DAOhaus discord, to the support or boost-dev channels, and leave a detailed message. If some time goes on without a response, feel free to tag me @jord.