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DAOhaus V2 Subgraph Introduction

DAOhaus has a GraphQL API Endpoint hosted by The Graph called a subgraph for indexing and organizing data from the DAOhaus smart contracts.

This subgraph can be used to query on-chain DAOhaus data. The subgraph data is serviced by a decentralized group of server operators called Indexers.

The DAOhaus subgraph works by listening for events emitted by one or more data sources (Smart Contracts) on the various chains. It handles the indexing and caching of data which can later be queried using the GraphQL API Endpoint, providing an excellent developer experience.

Get Started

Learn more about how subgraphs work by checking out The Graph's official documentation. If you are unfamiliar with GraphQL, we recommend taking a quick look through their documentation first here

  • Subgraph URL
  • Protocol
  • Graphql Endpoint:[api-key]/subgraphs/id/9uvKq57ZiNCdT9uZ6xaFhp3yYczTM4Fgr7CJHM6tdX9H

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