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Introducing tracks​

Join the DAOHaus Discord

As a way of onboarding new contributors, tracks make it easy to start your journey of learning and contributing to DAOhaus.

Tracks in our discord are broken down by categories and channels, which serve as focused spaces for open ideation, sharing, and knowledge transference, think meetspace coordination.

Roles are the "personas" used for participating in different tracks, making for a fun and easy way to engage in DAOhaus, contribute value, and level up... you're on your way DAOing it!

Here is a quick overview of the different Roles available:

Scholar πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŽ“I’m new to DAOhaus and want to learn more about the product and community
Supporter πŸ’ŽI want to talk about HAUS token. I’m a holder or want to get engaged in the community.
Contributor πŸ”¨I can offer skills to DAOs, want to contribute and want to earn crypto.
Summoner🏑I have summoned a DAO, or want guidance on summoning a DAO.
Just browsing❓I’m not really any of these things. Just want to browse the discord or get support.

Just as you would imagine, each role you see serves a certain function in moving the DAOhaus needle forward, the list above is just here to get you started πŸ’₯.