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Coordinape Overview

What is Coordinape?

Coordinape is a tool deveoped by Yearn Finance that DAOs can use for assessing contributions and distrubuting compensation rewards for value provided.

How Does DAOhaus Use Coordinape?

Warcamp uses Coordinape to distribute 600 $HAUS tokens among all contributors on a monthly basis, regardless of whether they are on the Commitment or Retroactive tracks.

Not only are we putting $HAUS in contributors' hands, determining bonuses via intersubjective evaluation, Coordinape offers a bottom-up and decentralized approach to:

  • Holding each contributor accountable to their Value and Commitment Levels as the Compensation Cycles progress
  • Creating a framework to help contributors assess themselves and peers in terms of personal growth and development

For instance, if an L3 contributor on the Commitment Track has received more giveHAUS than their L3 peers, this could be a signal that they’ve been over-delivering and should be leveled up to L4. Conversely, If someone on a Commitment Track received fewer giveHAUS than their peers, this could be a signal for us to help them better hit their Value Level or review the right Compensation track for them.

As we go through more Compensation Cycles, we are looking to experiment with different amounts of giveHAUS per person, perhaps in proportion to their commitment % (for Commitment track) or the previous month’s received giveHAUS (for Retroactive track).

Our goal is to create a system that accurately and fairly evaluates the contributions and capabilities of Warcamp contributors in a non-hierarchical setting, informing contributors’ Bonus Compensation in the short term as well the evolution of their Base Compensation over the long term.


The following will provide you with the tools you need to navigate using Coordinape within the DAOhaus communtiy.

Anybody can nominate a new member, If someone needs to be added to the Coordinape you can vouch here. Along with your nomination, please provide a detailed reason for why you are adding the new contributor, as 3 other existing contributors will need to vouch for the nominee within 14 days, determining whether or not the contributor will be added.

Each month, a new epoch will begin on the 22nd day and last for 7 days. This is the time during which you will need to complete your allocations.

Remember, if you've Opted In and don't allocate any giveHAUS you won't be eligible to receive any $HAUS!

You'll only be able to allocate giveHAUS to your Teammates. You can't self-allocate -- this is intentional.

  1. Go to and connect your wallet to Mainnet. You'll be asked to sign a transaction to log in.
  2. My Epoch: Once connected, you can optionally describe the work you've done this epoch and decide to Opt In to the giveHAUS distribution: Coordinape My Epoch annotated view
    - If you want to be eligible to receive HAUS for the epoch you'll need to make sure you've Opted In.
  3. Click Continue with Current Settings when ready to move on.
  4. Select Team: You'll see a list of Teammates who opted in. Select folks to add them to your team. You'll then be able to allocate giveHAUS to them. Coordinape Save Teammates annotated view
  5. Click on Save Teammate List when ready to move on. You'll be asked to sign a transaction to save your Teammate list.
  6. Click on the - and + buttons on each Teammate to set (and adjust) your giveHAUS allocations. You can set these all at once or come back to it throughout the epoch. You can add a note for each Teammate if you'd like. Coordinape Allocations annotated view
  7. Make sure to click Save Allocations to save! You'll be asked to sign a transaction to save your allocations. If you don't click this before the end of the epoch your allocations won't save.

Once your allocations are saved you'll be eligible to receive as well.

Staking For Shares

DAOhaus Warcamp members are able to stake up to 100% of the $HAUS received from the Coordinape allocation for Warcamp shares at a rate of 0.1 HAUS per share. To learn more about this process, check out the Earn Power page in our contributor docs.


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