How to Contribute to Docs ๐Ÿ‘‡

Why contribute to DAOhaus documentation?#

Since DAOs are a relatively new phenomena, there are many concepts, steps and processes that are foreign to new DAOhaus users. In order to encourage more DAO-ing in this world, we need to help more people join and summon DAOs. Your help in improving documentation is crucial here.

Furthermore, the ongoing release of new features by the Magesmiths (core developers) makes it important for us to tell existing users about new features and how to use them. With clear and detailed documentation, we enable DAO users to do good with DAOhaus features to the fullest extent.

Hence, for both new and existing users, documentation is espeically crucial in user onboarding and education.

How does DAOhaus documentation work?#

DAOhaus documentation is split up into 3 sections:

UsersGeneral users of app.daohaus.clubFeature-specific explainers, tutorials and FAQs
HandbookUsers who want to contribute (e.g. Scholar, Supporter, Contributor, Summoner, etc. )Discord track-specific explainers, tutorials and FAQs on coordinape,, etc.
DevelopersDevelopers who want to find out more about how DAOhaus worksDeveloper-focused documentation

DAOhaus docs structure

How to contribute to DAOhaus Docs?#

As the DAOhaus documentation's code lives on Github, you will be required to use Github and Markdown to contribute to documentation.


Are you new to contributing and submitting PRs to open-source projects? This link from FreeCodeCamp is a good place to start.

For you to contribute to DAOhaus docs, these are the steps:

1. Go to DAOhaus website's Github to look for open issues


2. Select an issue & comment on the issue thread to let us know you're working on it


Above is an example

Issue "Can a DAO member request loot?"

3. Fork the daohaus-website repo

4. Create a new branch with the naming convention "edit/issue-ID "

In the above example, the issue's ID is #24, so the branch should be issue-24

5. Make the changes on your branch

6. Once you are done, commit and push the changes onto edit/issue-ID branch on your own repository

7. Submit a Pull Request to HausDAO's daohaus-website repository

8. Reviewers / moderators will review the changes, ensuring that answers are (1) accurate (2) adhering to our style guide (below)

9. Once both criteria are passed, your changes will be approved, merged and live! ๐ŸŽ‰