Get Paid


Anyone can get tipped for making a contribution to DAOhaus. We use the Collab.Land bot to insure prompt service and show appreciation. When you do a damn thing please share in the CONTRIBUTOR #proof-of-work channel and wait for rain.

Visit the Discord FAQ to learn how to deposit funds and tip on the DAOhaus Discord Server.

Base Pay#

Everyone makes their own requests every month for whatever value feels fair to them and other contributors.

Requesting Base Pay from the DAO#

  1. Fill out the ClickUp Distribution Request form
  2. Once everyone has their requests in, the total is requested from Warcamp DAO for each circle (takes a few days)
  3. Once those funds arrive in your circle DAO, you can make your actual request from your circle DAO

Payments happen the first week of every month


We also run a Coordinape epoch every month to allocate HAUS to each other.

If you haven't already been added to our Coordinape, feel free to hit up vengist or spengrah in the Discord. Once you get added, you'll be opted out by default so MAKE SURE YOU OPT IN IMMEDIATELY so you can receive tokens.

Participating in Coordinape for HAUS bonus#

  1. Sign into Coordinape
  2. Select a circle if needed (likely just HausDAO, but sometimes we spin up ones on the side)
  3. Go to Allocate to start
  4. Drop a short line about what you've been working on around the haus and make sure you Opt In
  5. Select your teammates or folks you saw value created by
  6. Allocate! Distribute your GIVE as you see fit across contributors. Nothing rolls over, and you don't get to keep any, so just GIVE it all
  7. Save your allocation when done
  8. After the epoch completes, a Paladin will distribute HAUS based its results.

Bonus distributions happen the first week of every month

Stake (NEW!)#

We're experimenting with a share progression system within Warcamp DAO. Contributors can stake up to 100% of the HAUS they received in the most recent Coordinape epoch in exchange for shares in the DAO.

Stake HAUS for Power#

  1. Go to Warcamp DAO
  2. Go to Proposals and start a new Proposal
  3. Request shares at 0.1 HAUS per share
  4. Approve the HAUS and Submit your proposal
  5. If/when it passes, you'll have gained power in Warcamp ๐Ÿ˜ˆ