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Contributing to DAOhaus

What is DAOhaus?

DAOhaus is a no-code platform for launching and running DAOs. It is owned and operated by the community. All DAOs on the platform utilize the glorious open-source code of Moloch.

For more information, please refer to DAOhaus documentation:

Why contribute to DAOhaus?

In the realms of crypto, Web3 and metaverses, unlocking the power of human-centered, purpose-driven teams is a crucial step in our quest to push the boundaries of what we can accomplish together.

Every time a community discovers a better way to collaborate effectively and avoid coordination failure , the definition of what's possible changes fundamentally.

And that is the reason why DAOhaus exists.

Many communities have used the DAOHaus framework to band together and achieve a wide array of amazing outcomes. DAOHaus has also helped communities disburse grants to new projects and form decentralised funds for increased purchasing power.

Staying true to our community roots, DAOhaus is designed, built, maintained and loved by the people who use it.

Who knows more about how DAOhaus can improve than the people & projects powered by DAOhaus?

Become a DAOhaus contributor and help us battle Moloch - the God of Coordination Failure!🔥

On a more practical front, there are bounties and rewards for contributors for larger tasks. However, to know you better and how your contributions can fit in to our current pipeline, introduce yourself in the contributor channels and start working on a 'good-first-issue'

Who contributes to DAOhaus?

Currently, DAOhaus is being built and maintained by War Camp - a DAO composed of 20+ core contributors.

Within the team, we have different circles that hold different roles and responsibilities. These are: Magesmiths (Product), Rangers (Community), Paladins (Operations), Alchemists (Tokenomics).

How can I contribute to DAOhaus?

1. Select your Circle ⭕️

Want to get started? First, identify the Circle you are interested in & have the skills to contribute. You can definitely be a part of more than 1 Circle, but we recommend starting with 1 for new Contributors.

  • If you are a designer, engineer or product person, you can join the Magesmiths' Circle which maintains & improves the DAOhaus platform.
  • If you are a community, marketing, writing or social media expert, you can join the Rangers' which spreads DAOspel and engages with the wider DAO community.
  • If you are a tokenomics expert , you can join the Alchemists' Circle which works on tokenomics & HAUS token functionality.
  • If you are an operations and research expert, you can join the Paladin's Circle which coordinates all DAOhaus circles & works on new problems such as Contributor Experience

If you'd like to contribute but don't fit into one of these circles, head to #welcome on our Discord, select Contributor and we'll get you set up.

2. Say gm in Discord! 👋

Head to #haus-roles channel on our Discord & select Contributor. You should be able to see the Contributor channels.

Say gm & tell us more about yourself on the #open-chat channel, such as:

  • What Circle are you interested in contributing to?
  • What skills or talents do you have?

Someone from the relevant Circle will reach out if there's a right fit! Get our attention and be persistent!

3. Start your first task 🛠

A great way to get started right away is to help us improve these very docs you are reading now. Do you see an opportunity for improvement?

This requires some Github and Markdown know-how, but check out our Github Issues page. Feel free to add an issue there even if you aren't able to fix it yourself. This helps!

To see what the Magesmiths are up to, have a look at our Project Board and Issues List

Down the road the we plan to have open bounty boards, so stay tuned!

4. Level up! 🚀

As you make more contributions, this is a good way for both the Circle & yourself to assess if there's a fit and determine the best way of working together. From experience, this can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to know each other better, depending on the commitment, nature of contributions, etc.

Once you are ready, you'll have the option to join the Warcamp DAO to become a core contributor to DAOhaus. As a core contributor, you'll have governance power over decisions made and actions taken by Warcamp such as new compensation policies as well as access to all Warcamp information and communication channels. See this guide for instructions on how to join Warcamp DAO.

In the meantime, your contributions to your Circle(s) are eligible for compensation on our Retroactive Compensation Track. In this Track, you request compensation at every month's end in accordance with the value you created.

If and once you join Warcamp DAO, you'll also have the option to move into the Commitment Compensation Track. Some contributors prefer the flexibility of the Retroactive Track, while others value the increased certainty and mutual commitment of the Commitment Track.

We take contributor compensation seriously you can read more here!

Welcome to DAOHaus!

Every contributor is an important part of the Haus. Even if you don't become a core contributor, your thoughts, energy, and input are valued and appreciated.

Join our Discord and say hello!