Contributing to DAOhaus

What is DAOhaus?#

DAOhaus is a no-code platform for launching and running DAOs. It is owned and operated by the community. All DAOs on the platform utilize the glorious open-source code of Moloch.

For more information, please refer to DAOhaus documentation:

Why contribute to DAOhaus?#

In the realms around crypto, Web3 and metaverses, solving coordination failure and unlocking the power of human-centred coordination has always been crucial in pushing the boundaries of what we can do today. Every time a community discovers a better way to coordinate and collaborate, the definition of what's possible changes fundamentally.

And that is the reason why DAOhaus exists. With DAOhaus, we have seen different communities solve coordination failure and band together to achieve a wide array of things, from disbursing commmunity grants, collecting NFTs and forming decentralised funds

Staying true to our community roots, DAOhaus wants to be a product which is built, maintained and loved by the community. After all, as users and community members, who else would better know how DAOhaus can empower the projects and communities of tomorrow that are still bogged down by coordination failure today?

As such, we'd like you to join us on our journey of slaying Moloch - the God of Coordination Failure! Become a DAOhaus contributor and fight with us ๐Ÿ”ฅ

On a more practical front, there are bounties and rewards for contributors for larger tasks. However, to know you better and how your contributions can fit in to our current pipeline, introduce yourself in the contributor channels and start working on a 'good-first-issue'

How can I contribute to DAOhaus?#

Currently, DAOhaus is being built and maintained by War Camp - our distributed team of 20+ core contributors. Within the team, we have different roles and responsibilities, such as Magesmiths (Product), Rangers (Community), Paladins (Operations), Alchemists (Tokenomics). This should give you a glimpse on what skills you might fit into.

Regardless what role, skills or experience you possess, there are definitely ways you can contribute to DAOhaus. Are you a techie / engineer? Help us solve bugs, or build features! Are you a designer? Help us audit and improve our UX/UI! Are you a non-techie looking to help? Help us improve our documentation!

Want to get started? Head to #haus-roles channel on our Discord and select the Contributor track to get started!