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Joining Warcamp DAO

What is Warcamp DAO?#

Warcamp is the DAO in which core contributors to DAOhaus are organized. Warcamp DAO is responsible for contributor compensation as well as setting policies for how the core contributors coordinate and operate.

The four Circles โ€” Magesmiths (Product), Rangers (Community), Paladins (Operations), Alchemists (Tokenomics) โ€” are under the Warcamp DAO umbrella.

Warcamp DAO is a member of UberHaus, the DAO of DAOs that governs the DAOhaus platform and $HAUS token supply. UberHaus has tapped Warcamp to build, maintain, and steward the DAOhaus platform on its behalf.

How to join Warcamp DAO#

Joining Warcamp DAO involves tributing 20 $HAUS tokens to the DAO in return for 200 voting shares.

Step 1: Temporary Discord Access#

The first step to joining Warcamp DAO is to tell a current member you've been working with that you would like to start the process. At that point, you will be given the @warcamp-temp role in Discord, which will give you temporary access to all the Warcamp-visible channels while you go through the process of joining.

That temporary access automatically expires after 60 days. This timing is meant as a checkpoint, not a hard deadline. If you have not yet officially joined Warcamp DAO at that point, you can ask for an extension of another 60 days.

Step 2: Acquire 20 $HAUS#

Warcamp is not a permissionless DAO. Contributors must earn the right to join by demonstrating that their contributions will create value for DAOhaus and that their values are aligned with DAOhaus' and Warcamp's.

To demonstrate these things, you must first earn compensation from Warcamp. Since compensation is approved by your peers, we believe it is a strong way to identify high quality new members.

To join Warcamp, you must earn the equivalent of 20 $HAUS in compensation. At least 10 out of the 20 $HAUS must be earned through the Coordinape bonus compensation.

The remainder of $HAUS can come from

  • $HAUS received as tips in Discord from fellow DAOhaus community members
  • Retroactive Track Compensation โ€” the wxDAI you receive can be used to purchase $HAUS from a decentralized exchange

Step 3: Make your membership proposal#

Once you've acquired 20 $HAUS, you are ready to make your membership proposal.

Make a forum post#

First, head to the Warcamp forum and create a new topic named [Your Name] Warcamp Membership Proposal. Your post should include the following content:

  • The 0x address you want to use as your DAO address โ€” make sure its an address you control on Gnosis Chain
    • If this address does not match any of your recepient addresses from the below transactions, list those here as well
  • Block explorer link(s) to the transaction(s) where you received at least 10 of the $HAUS you'll be tributing
  • If you're tributing any $HAUS from Discord tips: block explorer link(s) to the transaction(s) where you withdrew from the Discord tip bot account
  • If you're tributing any $HAUS purchased with wxDAI earned from Reotractive Compensation: block explorer link(s) to the transaction(s) where you received the compensation and where you bought/swapped for the $HAUS

Make your on-chain membership proposal#

Next, head to the Warcamp DAO, click on New Proposal, and select Request Shares for Tokens. Your proposal should follow this format (see screenshot):

  • Title: [Your Name] Warcamp Membership Proposal โ€” same as your forum post
  • Shares Requested: 200
  • Tribute Offered: 20 $HAUS โ€” you may need to Approve $HAUS
  • Description: Whatever you'd like! Your forum post does the heavy process lifting, so you can express yourself here ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Link: the url of your forum post โ€” you may need to click the More + button to add this fields

When ready, click Submit and sign the resulting transaction in your wallet. Once the proposal has been submitted, ask an existing member to sponsor your proposal.


If the above information does not demonstrate that the $HAUS you are tributing comes from the listed approved sources, existing Warcamp DAO are instructed to not sponsor the proposal. If it does happen to be sponsored, they are instructed to vote No.

Additionally, the above steps are minimum criteria and completing them does not guarantee membership in Warcamp DAO. Existing members of the DAO will exercise their own judgement in voting on membership proposals.

Step 4: Welcome to Warcamp DAO!#

It will take 7 days for your proposal to be processed. If it passes and once it's processed, you'll be the newest member of Warcamp DAO! ๐Ÿฅณ

At this point, you can get your non-temporary Discord access. Head to the #collabland-join channel and follow the bot's instructions. You'll now have full, non-temporary access to the Warcamp-accessible Discord channels.

Welcome! ๐Ÿค—


This policy was ratified by Warcamp DAO proposal 215.