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Product Roadmap

In 2022, DAOhaus Warcamp (Magesmiths) would like to be more open about our Product Roadmap. Here's what the DAOhaus community can expect from now till ETH Denver (mid February).

We'll be updating this page as we flesh out our Roadmap, so do stay tuned!

ℹ️ How to read the table

The Focus areas are prioritised in the following manner:

  • 🟢 Must-haves: Today, we’re devoting resources towards them
  • 🟡 Should-haves: We’re allocating future resources to them
  • 🟠 Good-to-have: No explicit resource allocations today

The Teams are split in the following manner

  • Team Rage is a research team that hacks experimental projects. Uses short-term development and a disciplined approach to experiment design.
  • Team Sage designs and builds the app (and DAO tools) using Team Rage’s data. This team prizes long-term thinking, focus, and quality control above all else.

1🟢 Deliver the Yeeter product (the easiest way to raise funds with a Moloch DAO)New Feature Development
  • Complete & deploy Moloch v2.5 contract with Shamans
  • Complete UX designs
  • Complete all frontend & wiring
  • Product ready for use
  • Team Rage (Dekan, Adrienne, Sam, Amos)
    2🟢 Deliver DAOhaus V3 UI/UX design and technical architecture documentationNew Feature Development
  • Deliver V3 UI/UX design and a clickable prototype
  • Deliver a documentation on V3 architecture
  • Optimise product development workflows
  • Rage Bonus: Create a Boost code generator
  • Team Sage (Ven, Adrienne, Helle, Jord, Keating, Sam)
    3🟢 Maintain existing product reliability, bugs and minor improvementsMaintenance & QOL
  • Create a new triage workflow for bugs
  • Solve all critical bugs
  • Measure baseline numbers (# bugs, fix rates, time-to-fix)
  • Conduct code spring-cleaning for efficiency
  • Team Sage (Jord, Andy, Sam, Santiago, Owen Keating)
    4🟢 Deliver greater HAUS token visibility in the appNew Feature Development
  • Goal: Increase visibility of HAUS token in DAOhaus app
  • Complete design & implementation
  • Team Sage (Ven, Amos, Sage Dev)
    5🟡 Deliver Boost docs & grants for community devsDeveloper Relations
  • Create docs & tutorials on working with DAOhaus repos and building Boosts
  • Create 3 Boost specs
  • Create bounty program with 3 bounties for ETH Denver
  • Jord, Spencer, Amos
    6🟡 Deliver Experiment formats & start ExperimentsProcess
  • Start Rage / Sage team structure
  • Create Experiment format & run experiments
  • Document & share experiments’ learnings with community
  • Team Rage (Travis & Amos)
    7🟠 Begin development on new UI and modular component and data librariesNew Feature DevelopmentBegin development on new UI and modular component and data librariesSage