Discord FAQ

Discord FAQ#

Q: How do I deposit funds with the Collab.Land bot?


A: please follow the steps below:


If you already have xDAI skip to Step 4
If you already have HAUS on xDai skip to Step 5


Assuming you have DAI in your MetaMask wallet on the Ethereum Mainnet...

  1. Connect your wallet on Ethereum Mainnet
  2. Bridge DAI to xDai using xDai Bridge
  3. Connect your wallet on xDai
  4. Swap from XDAI to HAUS on Honeyswap
  5. DM !deposit 100 to Collab.Land bot on Discord.
    Note: 100 is the Network Chain Id not an amount.
  6. Click link to To update depositor address Click Here
    Note: If you do not update to send from the correct address, the tokens will be lost!
  7. Sign transaction in your wallet
  8. Send HAUS to Collab.land bot at 0x8dcCD27e0d1ee15e5986A1568b575B31e81F0bbA
  9. DM !balance to Collab.Land bot to verify deposit
  10. Get yer tip on!

Q: How do I tip on the DAOhaus Discord Server?


A: In chat try !tip <@username> <number of coins> <coin symbol>

Q: Where can I find a list of DAOhaus events?


A: Try `!list` on our Discord and seshbot (our calendar and scheduling bot) will show you a listing of all DAOhaus events & calls

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