Summon a DAO from Gnosis

  1. Switch to the network of your choice

  2. Go to the Gnosis Safe app and click on 'Apps'

  1. Click on the DAOhaus app and the DAOhaus app should load.

  1. Click on Summon button in the left Navbar

  1. Select your DAO type based on Proposal Velocity, Voting Period, Grace Period. These 3 factors should reflect the decision-making nature of your DAO.
  • Primary Token: Which token to accept for proposal deposits and rewards, if any
  • Proposal Velocity: How many proposals are possible in 1 day. For instance, the Clubs configurationa allows for 1440 proposals / day (i.e. 1 proposal / minute), whereas the Ventures configuration allows for 1 / day.
  • Voting Period: How long proposals are open for DAO members to vote.
  • Grace Period: How long DAO members have to RageQuit before the Proposal is passed
  • Proposal Deposit: Amount deposited by user who sponsors a proposal. This is used to protect against member spam and is returned to their internal balance (minus Proposal Reward) after the proposal is processed.
  • Proposal Reward: Amount rewarded to members who process proposals

When the DAO is summoned, these configurations cannot be changed. However, you can always re-summon your DAO with new configurations (especially on L2 solutions)

  1. If you'd like to summon your DAO with multiple members, click "Add Multiple Summoners". For each member, provide member address, followed by space and number of shares on a new line.

  2. Click 'Summon' and approve the transaction

  3. After your transaction is successsful, go to your Hub and register the metadata for your DAO to get started!