Interacting With UberHaus

Current Delegates#

First thing to do is join the delegate chat in discord.

In the #unlock channel do the !join command. This will verify that you have delegate shares and unlock the private disccusion channels.

Discord channel

Staking into UberHaus#

Before we get started, there are a few concepts you’ll need to be familiar with before staking into UberHaus.

Minions: A minion is a smart contract entity that allows a Moloch dao to interface with some other contract. There are many species of minion, but today we’ll be summoning an UberHaus Minion.

Your UberHaus Minion will be a member in UberHaus. It’s how your DAO gets to vote on proposals inside of UberHaus. But who controls the minion?

Delegate: Your DAO needs to elect a delegate to represent your crew in UberHaus. Any share holding member in your dao can make a delegate proposal. Delegates can collect rewards (1% of funds pulled from UberHaus). They can also be impeached if they try any funny business.

It’s important to note that, for security reasons, there are some strict eligibility requirements.

  • A delegate must be a share-holding member
  • A delegate must not be a member of UberHaus
  • Also cannot be an UberHaus delegate from another Dao.

xDai: UberHaus is summoned on the xDai platform. With it’s low transaction costs and overall durability, we feel that xDai is a great place to handle meta governance. Daos that wish to participate must also be on xDai, or have a cloned dao on xDai. This is a complicated process, and it’s not entirely the subject of this tutorial. Feel free to pop into the DaoHaus Discord and ask us for more details.

HAUS: Staking token for UberHaus.

Staking Requirements: Ultimately, this will be decided by the members of UberHaus. But it’s important that the tone is set early on. So there will be some early requirements to prevent spammers and ensure that UberHaus is governed solely by its community.

These values may change later on, but right now, shares in UberHaus are being sold at a 1/1 ratio with HAUS, the staking token. Also, full membership costs 500 Haus in order to join. Again, this is to ensure good faith in the ongoing governance of UberHaus, eliminate proposal noise, and to protect against sybil attacks.

TutorialDAO: For the sake of this tutorial, I’ve summoned a fresh DAO. Right now, I’m using the Kovan test net. So you might notice some slight differences in currency symbols etc.

With that all out of the way, we’re ready to begin the process.

Step 1: Summon an UberHaus minion.

Head over to the allies page on the side nav. There you’ll see a card with a big button that says Summon minion. Give that a click.

Allies page start

Step 2: Set Your Initial Delegate

Choose the delegate you wish to represent your dao in UberHaus. The members are already filtered based on eligibility. Choose a name for your minion.

deploying a minion

Step 3: Approve $HAUS Your DAO will need to have $HAUS whitelisted in order to participate.

  • Go to new proposals, select White List Token Proposal
  • Add a title, description, and an address for $HAUS
  • You’ll need to pass and process the proposal as per usual.
whitelist proposal

Step 4: Using your wallet provider, send HAUS to your UberHausMinion

  • You’ll see the address on the allies page or in settings, under minions
  • If you have multiple minions, make sure that this minion is the uberHaus minion
  • Need Haus? Get some here. XXXXXXXXXXXX
  • May need to refresh the page in order to get to the next step.

Step 5:

  • Go to allies, click ‘Make Staking Proposal”
  • Stake $HAUS token as tribute for shares at a 1/1 ratio.
  • Include at least a title and a description so UberHaus members know what they’re voting for.
  • A copy of this proposal will also be sent to UberHaus once it’s executed in your dao.
  • Members of UberHaus will vote on your proposal based on the Staking requirements listed at the beginning of this article.
uberhaus staking proposal
  • After the proposal has been processed, you’ll need to execute the minion’s action on the UberHaus minion. You can do so by clicking ‘Execute Minion’ in the Proposal Actions card. This will send a proposal to UberHaus
  • Then follow this link on the Allies page to UberHaus.
  • Might need a refresh

Step 6: Passing the staking proposal in UberHaus

  • Double check that your proposal is in UberHaus
  • For this stage, you’ll need to wait for the existing UberHaus members to pass your proposal.
  • If for some reason progress has stalled, feel free to visit our Discord to learn more about the process.

Step 7: Wait

  • Once the proposal passes and is processed, you should see your DAO in UberHaus members with the requisite amount of shares.
  • Congratulations, your DAO has now joined forces with UberHaus. But there’s one more step.members list with tutorial dao added

Step 8: Confirm your Delegate

  • Go back to Allies page and confirm the initial delegate. All you’ll need to do is hit the ‘confirm delegate’ button.
  • To confirm that you are now ready to interface with UberHaus, refresh the page. The card in the allies page should look like this:
Allies page once staked

Other Actions:#

Other actions:

Here are some other quick tricks to manage your dao’s interaction with UberHaus. To see what options are available, click the ‘Manage’ button.

You should see a popup window with all of the UberHaus actions.

proposal type modal

Create a new Delegate Proposal:#

  • Select the delegate option in the window.
  • Add Title, Description and a link if necessary
  • Choose a nominee from the ‘Eligible Delegates’ dropdown
  • Select a period length. This how long this delegate (provided the proposal passes ) will represent the dao in UberHaus
  • Hit submit
  • A proposal will appear in your dao. Sponsor, vote, and process this proposal the same way all other proposals are processed.
  • Like the staking proposal, you’ll have to hit ‘Execute’ after the proposal is passed.
  • Unlike the staking proposal, it will not create another proposal in UberHaus. Once the minion is executed, the delegate is immediately updated.

Create a RageQuit Proposal:#

  • This is used to pull the dao’s percentage of Haus from UberHaus.

  • Choose how many shares or how much loot you would like to burn

  • It’s important to note that the minion proposal will not execute if the minion currently has a yes vote on an active proposal.

  • Once the form is filled, submit.

  • A new Uberhaus Ragequit Proposal will be created in the dao. Sponsor, vote, and process like other proposals. Once the proposal is processed, execute the minion.

  • To confirm the balance has been Rage Quit:

    • Go to UberHaus
    • To Members
    • Select your DAO (minion)
    • Select that dao’s profile
    • Visit the profile.
    • On the profile page, in the token list, the available balance of HAUS in proportion to the amount of loot/shares burned should be presented in the list.
    • NOTE: In order to withdraw these funds, the delegate can withdraw directly into the minion. However there’s a way to fully withdraw and pull funds from UberHaus into your dao from the Allies page (on the child dao). We’ll see that next.
profile page with available balance

Withdraw To Minion:#

Instead of withdrawing to the minion on the UberHaus dao, there’s a utility that allows any member from your dao to withdraw funds . Plus, the delegate (and only the delegate) can pull funds from the minion into your dao’s guild bank.

  • Choose withdraw/pull from UberHaus proposal actions on the child dao. (on Allies page, click manage button)
withdraw form
  • Select the HAUS token from the token dropdown, and choose how much you would like to pull into the minion.
  • Submit
  • Afterwards, you'll be ready to pull the funds from the minion into your dao bank.

Pull Guild Funds:#

pull form

Once the funds have been pulled into the UberHaus minion, a delegate will be able to pull these funds into the guild bank.

  • Choose the amount to pull
  • The delegate can also pull their rewards at this stage. Note that they can only pull their rewards once per term. This transaction can happen in conjunction with Pull Funds, or independently.
  • Click submit
  • Once the transaction has been processed, go to the Bank page. You’ll see a sync button on the HAUS token card. This means that funds have been sent to your dao’s moloch contract directly, and they need to be synced into the bank in order to be recognized by the contract. Click Sync
  • That’s it. You’ve now transferred funds from UberHaus dao into your dao bank.