Bank FAQ

Q: What type of tokens can my DAO bank receive?


A: Your DAOs bank can receive ERC-20 tokens, where minions can accept both ERC-20s and ERC-721 NFTs.

Q: Can I send xDAI to the DAO?


A: The DAO cannot accept xDAI and it should normally revert the transaction when you are sending it. Please do not send xDAI to your DAO.

You should either wrap your xDAI on or enable the Wrap N Zap boost for your DAO.

Q: I want to whitelist HAUS for my bank. What is the token address?


A: 0xb0C5f3100A4d9d9532a4CfD68c55F1AE8da987Eb

Q: How should I send and store ERC20 tokens in my DAO contract?


A: You should whitelist the tokens via a Whitelist proposal and click on "Sync" on the treasury page. After that when you send the tokens to your DAO address, the tokens should appear in the bank.

Q: What happens if I send tokens to the DAO address, but have not whitelisted the token?


A: The token will be owned by the contract, but not show up on your treasury.

Q: I am redeploying my DAO and need to transfer funds from one DAO to the other. How should I do it?


A: Do not send the funds directly to the DAO address.

The first approach is to claim the balances from the old DAO and provide tribute in the new DAO to deposit the funds.

The second approach is to transfer funds to a Minion and use the Minion to send the funds.

Do not send funds to your new DAO address via a funding proposal as the contract is merely updating the internal balances, which members or minions should ideally withdraw later on. Your funds will be lost.

Q: The amount of tokens / funds on chain is different from the amount in the bank on in my hub. Why is this?


A: As the contract holds different internal balances and proposal escrows, the amounts showing up on the bank and contract may differ.

Q: Can a DAO on xDAI manage assets & funds on mainnet?


A: Currently, no. However, there is a Gnosis Safe boost coming up that will enable a DAO on xDAI to control a safe on mainnet.

Q: Can I withdraw funds from the Bank without waiting for the grace period to pass?


A: No, funds can only be withdrawn after the grace period has passed.

Q: Are the Gnosis Safes on xDAI compatible with DAOhaus DAOs on xDAI?


A: Yes, they are compatible.

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