The bank is the core inventory of the DAO and can hold up to 200 different ERC-20 tokens. All members share direct ownership of the bank based on their Shares and/or Loot in relation to one another.

Example simple DAO, assuming a bank with 600 DAI

MemberSharesLootVoting PowerExit Value
Alice10025%100 DAI
Bob101025%200 DAI
Chris20050%200 DAI
Dani0100%100 DAI

Shares grant voting power as well as exit value, whereas Loot only grants exit value. Thus, Bob has 25% of voting power (Shares), but 33% of the exit value (total Shares + Loot). Dani has no Shares, thus no voting power, but with 10 Loot, still has 16% of Exit Value.

screenshot of bank