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  • Category: Payments
  • Publisher: DAOhaus
  • Available Networks: Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, xDai
  • Github: -

Editors' note: We recommend using a Minion V2 (Nifty Minion) or V3 (Safe Minion) to primarily hold funds and Superfluid's minion for streaming funds.


Does your DAO have ongoing and recurring payments? If yes, the SuperFluid Minion helps automate ongoing streams of payments via the SuperFluid Protocol to vendors, other DAOs and any addresses

Set it up once, and your payments will be streamed in real-time automatically as long as your minion vault has sufficient funds.

Installation Steps#

  1. Summon or select a Minion
  2. Add Proposals Playlist
  3. Sign the transaction & your Boost is installed!

Superfluid-specific instructions to be added


For support, please go to our Discord at