Common Terminology for DAOs#

Internal Balance

Funds that are claimable from your Member Profile which have been released to you through a funding proposal from the DAO. You may claim those funds from your Member Profile on DAOhaus


Converts any Shares into Loot, removing voting power while maintaining economic stake.


Grants proportionate ownership of core treasury, without the voting rights.


Burn some amount of shares and/or loot in exchange for proportionate amount of tokens in the DAO. One doesn't have to burn all shares, and can ragequit any amount at anytime.


Same as Ragequit, but enforced by other members and burns all shares and loot, returning their proportionate stake to their internal balance.


Grants voting rights and proportionate ownership of core treasury. Shares are DAO specific and cannot be transfered or traded.


Launch a new DAO


The original member or members who create the DAO.

Structural Benevolence

The structure of the organization prevents or cannot be used to prejudice certain members by nature of the organizational structure.