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HAUS Token

What is HAUS & what is it used for?#

HAUS is the token that sits in the centre of the DAOhaus ecosystem.

DAOs need to pledge a minimum of 500 HAUS to join UberHaus, the governing body that oversees DAOhaus as a platform and HAUS as a token.

DAOhaus is governed by UberHaus, a DAO of DAOhaus DAOs (i.e. actual DAOhaus users & community members). UberHaus holds the majority of the HAUS tokens treasury, governs strategic decision-making and fosters DAO2DAO interactions within DAOhaus.

$HAUS holders can also provide liquidity and earn rewards through PoolHAUS - a way to attract and reward sustainable liquidity provision through a DAO of LP providers.

Moving forward, we look forward to introducing more use cases for HAUS, as we expand the use cases and ecosystem on the DAOhaus platform. Stay tuned for more updates!

HAUS Information#

Total Supply: 1,000,000 HAUS

Circulating Supply: 387,000 HAUS

Official Links & Addresses#

The HAUS token is currently available only on xDai.