Proposals FAQ


Q: I want to sponsor a proposal, but I'm unable to do so as the button is greyed out


A: Check to make sure you have enough wxDAI to sponsor the proposal.

Q: Are all members required to sponsor a proposal?


A: No, only 1 member is required to sponsor a proposal.

Q: What are the rewards for Sponsors vs. Processors of a proposal?


A: When a proposal is processed, the sponsor will receive his initial deposit minus processing reward. The member who processed the proposal will receive the processing reward (set by the DAO).

Q: Must proposals be sequentially processed? i.e. one before another


A: Yes.

Q: Are proposals passed according to number of members or shares voted for the proposal?


A: The proposal will pass as long as majority of votes go to either "Yes" or "No". The number of members voting for a proposal is usually secondary and triggered only in extreme cases.

Q: The majority of the DAO has voted to pass a proposal. Why do I have to wait?


A: After a proposal has passed from voting, the DAO has to wait for the voting and grace period to pass before processing the proposal. The durations for these are set when you summon your DAO. You can also set a "Quorum Threshold" so that the voting period is shortened with consensus.

Q: My proposal has failed. Does this mean that it was not processed?


A: After the voting period has ended, when a proposal is ready to be processed, you will see whether or not the proposal passed/failed. If no one voted on the proposal, it will automatically fail. It will also fail if the action outlined in the proposal cannot be executed, such as sending 500 wxDAI from your DAO to an Externally Owned Account (EOA), when your DAO doesn't actually hold 500 wxDAI.

Q: Does voting on proposals cost gas, or is it just signing?


A: It costs gas, but it should only require 1 yes vote if there is soft consensus achieved before voting.

Q: What is the rough cost of submitting, approving, processing a proposal on Mainnet??


A: It's around ~$100 (That said, this is context and time dependent during the time of this Q&A).

Q: If a proposal has passed, is there any way to reverse or change the vote?


A: If the proposal has been passed by majority of votes, there is no way to reverse the proposal. However, if the proposal is in "Voting", you can persuade other members to vote "No" to prevent the proposal from passing.

Q: If a prospective member submits a member proposal with tribute, gets it approved, proposal enters the grace period, and the prospect Rage Quits before the grace period ends, what will happen to their tribute?


A: If their shares are more than the dilution bound setting (e.g. 1/3), the proposal would fail when they rage quit. When a member submits a membership proposal, their tribute goes into the escrow and goes into the treasury only when the proposal is passed and processed. If the member rage quits before the processing, they can only take their current fair share of the treasury.

Q: Why do proposal stages in different DAOs have different time intervals (e.g. 10 minutes vs 1 hour)?


A: This depends on the period duration that was set up during the summoning of the DAO. If an interval of 1 hour was chosen, a sponsored proposal will go into the queue and go for voting in the period of 1 hour.

Funding Proposals#

Q: Can I make a Funding Proposal for a non-member?


A: Yes you can, when filling out the details of the proposal, enter the address you want funds sent to in the field `applicant address`.


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