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The HAUS Marketplace is coming soon™️

With so many DAOs popping up as collectives that provide services together, we're gonna need a marketplace to find each other.

Featured Service DAOs

Here are a few active Service DAOs, often referred to as Guilds.


YAP DAO provides essential and supportive services to help other DAOs tell their stories, and communicate their message on a global scale.

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Raid Guild

A decentralized collective of mercenaries ready to slay your web3 product demons

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The Decentralized Legal Engineering Guild

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Kolektivo Labs

Kolektivo Labs leverages the latest web3 technologies to shape a world where human coordination pivots radical change.

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Become a Service DAO

Lots of DAOs are collectives offering services, so we're looking to build out more tools to empower these types of organizations to do more together. If you have a DAO that offers services, or are thinking of starting a new one, submit your DAO below to get early access to the marketplace.

dao communities

Our mission is to foster a diverse, open economy of transparent cooperation.

DAOhaus is built and run by the community using DAOs to coordinate.


Get support, provide feedback, ask anything about DAOs.


Get the alpha while it's still alpha. Stay up to date and learn what’s on the horizon.


Check the code, it's open-source of course. Add an issue, submit a PR.