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2021 Year in Review


2021 has been amazing for DAOhaus We saw tremendous growth in our community, ecosystem & product. As we look towards 2022, we’d like to recount what happened in 2021 and re-introduce DAOhaus to our community (new and old).

At its core, the DAOhaus platform is the easiest way for individuals to start a DAO and help their communities coordinate to achieve shared goals. However, what makes us special is the mission-driven communities that use, build and advocates DAOhaus & the values we live by.

Community First

While creating great software is what we do at DAOhaus, the true magic is not in the app screens, code or smart contracts. It's in the purpose-driven communities and the interactions between these communities.

When you use DAOhaus, you don’t just get software with great features. You get access to an ecosystem of partners, service providers, grants and investors. You find your tribe of people to experiment and solve the same issues with. You can own, build and govern DAOhaus with the rest of us.

2021 IRL


Paris w/MetaCartel & Frens


DAO Circle in Denver


DAOhaus Ad in MetaFactory Newspaper


UberHaus is the DAO of 70+ DAOs that governs the DAOhaus platform and a treasury of $HAUS, the native token of the DAOhaus ecosystem. Instead of centralized core teams, inner circles, and opaque decision making processes, we are truly community-owned and governed. Working together, UberHaus aims to build more tooling, strengthen DAO2DAO interactions and further the adoption of decentralized and digital coordination practices.


On behalf of UberHaus, the DAOhaus platform is managed by Warcamp DAO, a team of 40+ (and growing) core contributors with different skill sets, time zones, and bandwidth availability. Each contributor is a member of one or more Circles, or functional working groups, underneath the Warcamp umbrella.


PoolHAUS is our on-going experiment to promote sustainable & incentives-aligned $HAUS liquidity through a DAO made up of liquidity providers. Our first iteration doubled our initial goal of $500k and created $1M in liquidity on xDAI. In our next evolution, we will soon bring PoolHAUS to Ethereum Mainnetwith the aim of $3M+ in liquidity. Currently, PoolHAUS is 55 members strong, and we welcome any $HAUS holders to come before the launch of our next liquidity raise.


HAUS Party is where we hang out every week on Discord to listen to community stewards, builders and Web 3 experts share their stories and learnings. With Felipe taking over as the HAUS Party host from Kerp, we have had more than 30 authentic and insightful sessions this year. Here’s a snapshot of all the POAPs given out during the HAUS Parties in 2021.


As an experiment, HAUS Party attendees with POAPs were added into a DAO where they were given equal shares. Some amount of RAID and HAUS token were airdropped into the DAOs treasury, when the members were given two options: Members could claim their rewards and leave with less than their fair share, or Members could abstain from claiming and vote on the proposal to take control of the DAO down. WarGames is an ongoing experience where Attendees of the HausParty can possibly come and earn some HAUS!

Foundations DAO

Onboarding into a DAO should be fun, so we created Foundations to help people learn about DAOs through taking action. In collaboration with Rabbithole, we onboarded 3,000 members on FoundationsDAO in 2 months. This was one of the most viral introductions of a DAO to newcomers in the history of DAOhaus, and created one of the largest DAOs on DAOhaus.

Product Updates

DAOhaus offers an expansive ecosystem for folks to come build products, experiment, and join in participatory ownership over shared resources.


Minions enable DAOs to interact with external smart contracts and protocols like NFTs, DeFi, or even other DAOs.

We’ve launched Minions V2 and V3 this year, enabling a bunch of powerful new features like quorum voting, early execution, and fund forwarding. Partnering with Gnosis, we’ve also launched the Safe Minion, so your Minion funds are stored safely in a Gnosis Safe.

In 2021, DAOs installed a total of 900 Minions, most of which were the Vanilla Minion.

The fastest growing Minion is the Safe Minion, hitting 206 installations despite being only 3 months old.


In 2021, we launched the Boost Marketplace, the best place to find Boosts to help your DAO run more effectively. 30% of all DAOhaus DAOs have installed at least 1 Boost.

Discord Notifications Boost is the most installed, followed by Wrap N Zap and the Discourse Forum Boost.

dao books
DAO Books

The DAOBooks Boost helps you break down your Vaults, so you can understand your DAO's inflows, outflows and transactions. This was built by Midge & Xivanc1 from Boost Foundry.


The Rarible Boost enables a DAO to buy and sell NFTs y through the Rarible protocol, empowering both collector and creator DAOs of the future.


The Disperse Boost allows a DAO to transfer tokens from a Minion vault in bulk to a list of addresses, facilitating airdrops or simpler payment to multiple contributors.

By the Numbers

Let’s take a look at our growth for the past 12 months from December 2020 to November 2021.

DAOs Summoned

In 2021, we saw a 7x year-on-year increase in DAOs summoned, reaching a total of nearly 2000 DAOs today. That’s nearly 150 DAOs summoned each month!

DAOs by Network

80% of these 2000 DAOs are on L2/side-chains, with the majority on xDai.

DAO Members

There are now have 10,000 unique DAO members (addresses) on DAOhaus, with around 2000 new unique DAO members joining every month.

DAO Proposals

In 2021, around 2500 proposals were submitted every month, a 4x increase since the beginning of 2021.

2021 TVL & Value Flows

In 2021 , the cumulative value flowing in and out of DAOhaus DAOs totalled $416M, with $258M inflows and $168M in outflows. The total value of assets currently controlled by DAOhaus DAOs is $80M.

In terms of November 2021 prices, these are all approximately 2x increases from the beginning of 2021.

Monthly Flows

On a monthly basis, the total value flowing into and out of DAOs has reached $13M and $10M respectively. This is also approximately a 2x increase since the beginning of 2021.

Gross DAOmestic Product

As DAO2DAO interactions continue to grow, we are really excited by the potential of this economy that we’re created together. To track and nurture this economy further, we are creating a way to measure economic activity & growth from DAOs - Gross DAOmestic Product.

This is still a work in progress and we’re excited to share it soon.

Thanks for a great 2021! What’s next?

If you’ve been a part of our amazing 2021, we thank you for making 2021 such an eventful year and we are excited about what we’ll do together as a community in 2022. If this is all new to you, we invite you to join us in our community today!

Looking forward, we want to bring the $HAUS token to Ethereum Mainnet so the wider Ethereum ecosystem can join us in our journey towards greater human coordination. We will be doing so through our very own PoolHAUS initiative, so do look out for more updates in the coming weeks! #HAUSComesHome

As we prepare for 2022 as the Year of the DAO, we are excited about our 2022 Product Roadmap supporting Moloch V3 (aka Baal) and DAOhaus V3. We’ll be sharing more updates as we put up the final touches to our Roadmap too.

We look forward to seeing you on Discord and hopefully IRL during ETH Denver! Meanwhile, party on & happy coordinating!

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