The HAUS token aligns all DAOs on the platform

As we create more value together, that value flows back to the HAUS token, shared by all communities on the platform.

The FarmHaus is open

The farms are live on xDAI and there are three staking opportunities to yield more HAUS, with rewards increasing based on effort and value to the network.

1. Get HAUS on Honeyswap

2. Stake into one of the farms at the FarmHaus

3. Earn more HAUS


Stake HAUS alone for 1x rewards

Signal governance with Snapshot



Stake HAUS/xDAI LP tokens and earn 2x rewards

Signal governance with Snapshot



Stake HAUS as a DAO into UberHaus and earn 3x rewards

Direct governance through UberHaus

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What is HAUS used for?

How HAUS is used TODAY


Define, direct, and build the product for and with the community. Also supports sustainable governance over the HAUS token and its issuance.


Get priority support and alpha access to new features on DAOhaus


Earn rewards by providing liquidity to the community to build more value into the platform.


Get discounts on advanced or custom features by paying with HAUS.

How HAUS will be used TOMORROW

User Union

Curated DAO
Index Fund

Seed Early

Hello Meta Governance


UberHaus is the DAO that governs the DAOhaus product as well as the HAUS token. As DAOhaus is a platform for communities, there are no individual members, only the communities themselves. Any DAO can stake some HAUS and elect a delegate to represent them in UberHaus governance proposals.

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How HAUS governance works

Just the basics, more to come.

1. Discuss

Discuss new directions and features for the product or new use-cases and strategies for the HAUS token itself.

2. Propose

Anyone can submit a proposal to the DAO. We can also collect signal from all tokenholders via Snapshot to help inform our path.

3. Vote

The Member DAOs vote directly on these proposals, governing the platform themselves.

Our mission is to foster a diverse, open economy of transparent collaboration.

DAOhaus is built and run by the community using DAOs to coordinate.


Get support, provide feedback, ask anything about DAOs.


Get the alpha while it's still alpha. Stay up to date and learn what’s on the horizon.


Check the code, it's open-source of course. Add an issue, submit a PR.